Combining my two main passions

Honest Football is a self-initiated project that combines my two main passions – design and football. 
From personal experience, keeping up-to-date on my favourite team was a laborious process; 
visiting numerous websites daily.

I felt that there was a gap in the market for a personal ‘hub’ that would be bespoke to my team choice – giving me key details such as in-play game data, headline news, league information, fixtures and previous scores.

Through my experience, I felt that for the app to be a success it needed to be simple to use and resonate 
with its target market. I therefore focused on making the interface as intuitive as possible and making 
the language a key focus – utilising ‘lad banter’ to give the brand its personality. This personality is fundamental throughout how I decided to design Honest, consciously stripping back all design features and simplifying wherever possible – making humour the clear focus of the brand.

This project included

Branding • Graphic Design • App Design• Creative Direction • Print Design • Web Design • Social Media Design • UI/UX • Copywriting • Artwork

Produced by Chris Nixon Freelance Graphic Designer


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