Help a market leading brand expand their offering

Levi’s have decided to expanded their business offering to include a bespoke in-store tailoring service, but they needed help implementing it throughout their 70+ European stores.

The solution was an online portal which would allow Levi’s employees to get trained, get inspired and engage with the brands new offering. We branded this ‘The Levi’s Tailor Academy’ and began crafting the brand and portal in-line with Levi’s brand guidelines.

To help with the launch of the portal an incentivised competition was sent out to Levi’s staff members, encouraging them to turn 1 metre of denim into their own tailors belt. Their creations would then be uploaded to the portal where the academy members would decide a winner. This not only got the staff interacting with the portal, but began filling it with much needed content for launch.

This project included

Branding • Graphic Design • Print Design • Web Design • UI/UX • Artwork

Produced at Liquid Creative Agency, by Chris Nixon Freelance Graphic Designer


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