Branding and packaging a new product line

A change in consumer eating habits resulted in Warburtons loosing their dominant marketshare – they responded by creating a competitor product; a healthier loaf that would become the center of a new multi-million breakfast campaign. It was my remit to brand and package this new product – which not only had to work inline with Warburtons brand guidelines, but also needed to adhere to strict print parameters.

To begin this process, we commissioned R&D focus groups – utilising these findings, I introduced a bright, friendly yellow tone. This was not only child-friendly and distinctive on shelf, but allowed Half & Half to have its own unqiue ‘brand colour’ within the Warburtons product range.

I paired this ‘brand colour’ with secondary orange and blue tones (colours that Warburtons are already synonymous for within their wax range) and completed with a large feature window and distinct, bold typography formatting.

This project included

Branding • Graphic Design • Creative Direction • Packaging Design • Artwork

Produced at Liquid Creative Agency, by Chris Nixon Freelance Graphic Designer


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